CucumberJS and Chai Assertions Three Ways


  • NodeJS
  • Cucumber
  • Chai

Bake Time

  • 10 - 15 min


In a console window initialize a simple npm project.

mkdir -p firstTest
cd firstTest
mkdir features
mkdir -p features/step_definitions
mkdir -p features/support
npm init -f

Install cucumber and assert packages and save to package file

cd firstTest
npm install cucumber chai --save-dev

Create your first feature file.

Feature: First Test
    Scenario: Adding Numbers
        Given numbers 2 and 5
        When they are added together
        Then the total should be 7

Build your first step definitions.

var chai = require('chai');
var assert = chai.assert;
var expect = chai.expect;
var should = chai.should();

module.exports = function () {
    var a, b, t;
    this.Given(/^numbers (\d+) and (\d+)$/, function (arg1, arg2) {
        a = Number(arg1);
        b = Number(arg2);

    this.When(/^they are added together$/, function () {
        t = a + b;

    this.Then(/^the total should be (\d+)$/, function (arg1) {
        assert.equal(t, 7);