Thank you for taking the time and interest in the Test Cookbook. This book is a work in progress describing how to use many different tools, and testing utilities. One day we should have quite the portfolio of testing recipes for your enjoyment and learning.


Are you a tester or developer who likes to help train others and share your wealth of knowledge? TestCookbook is an opensource book on Github. Come on over and add a pull request or open an issue describing what you would like.

What is Test Cookbook

Test Cookbook is designed to be an opensource book that can allow other testers, developers or noobies to get started in the world of testing.

What is not Test Cookbook

  • Not a company: open source
  • Not a product: yes we have things missing and you are free to add them
  • There is no budget or investors
  • There is no marketing. Only word of mouth

Spread the Word

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